Fox for the Wynn

4/29/2009 11:41:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

The casino crawl turned into a night at the Wynn instead. We all entered their $160 freeze-out. The field seemed populated by some extraordinarily sparkly dressed Italians who made an attempt to over power rest of the runners with aggressive after-shaves and hair balms.

Again it seemed the English only at the table rule didn't apply here, but unlike with the Chinesers I didn't mind. I love the Italian language. The Chinese dialect on the other hand makes me feel nervous and anxious and I'm sure is responsible for the rash on my legs, I'm still sleeping with the lights on because of my experiences with it earlier in the week. "PAIR OF FWEE WHITE EYE, WHAT YOU GOT."

I felt good about this event so thought I'd handicap myself by losing half my chips immediately chasing a Royal Flush draw. I then spent the rest of the time admiring all the hand gestures of the Italians while folding 9-3.

As I left Nick Dobson was the sole remaining Fox representative with Gino the eye-talian who busted me sat to his left as chip leader. I can only assume Nick was able to reverse that and win the tournament.

Later in the evening I decided to get in a van with the some people I didn't really know and ate shrimp cocktail at a 24 hour diner somewhere before heading back to the MGM where I unsuccessfully tried to drink some Baileys. My system won't accept alcohol still, but this is possibly for the best.

I have two days now. Without alcohol that leaves me with a clear head and solid bowels so I think I might abandon the tournaments and sit down for a long-ish cash session at the Venetian with my last $600.

As far as I'm aware Pete and Twizzle both made their flight home. Or at least to the airport on time. I'll still lay 3/1 Pete can start a fight with the INS guards though. I'm not sure if I'd have rather come home too today. I've started to see uncouth Mancunians in little packs, if I'm to avoid them I'll need to hang about in hotels that don't sell Stella Artois.

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