A day of rest continues

4/27/2009 09:14:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

As we speak I have just surfaced from about 15 hours of sleep. More a coma than a sleep in fact. My head is still pounding, my feet are inexplicably swollen like a pregnant woman's, my saliva is as thick as golden syrup and my heart palpitations come surfing in on a wave of nausea every fifteen minutes or so.

After leaving the Fox people at about 8:30am yesterday(?) who were still recovering from a night at Spearmint Rhino by drinking through the pain barrier and drinking away the disappointment of Twizzle's horse not winning - I made an attempt to sleep off the affects of 12 hours of alcohol and a meeting with an English Australian who loved Rugby and fighting.

My attempt failed. I still feel shit. At least I haven't lost anything playing poker. I'm waiting for some water melon to arrive and some sandwiches. It's 1.15am so if I can keep this re-ast down I'll have a hot shower and make one more attempt to sleep myself back to normal.

Assuming this works - my plan tomorrow (today?) is to make an attempt at the Venetian $120 game which Martin Hogarty finished 5th in on Saturday while I was beginning the 14 hour poisoning of my blood stream. In 0ther news Pete Spedding chopped a game at the Wynn three ways while soon after almost receiving a life-time ban from the MGM for some what aggressive behaviour the details being a little sketchy at this time.

I had a heated argument with a dealer at Binions who tried to insist that Columbo was a better detective than Sherlock Holmes. "You Brits and your Sherlock Holmes," he said shaking his head. I hadn't even mentioned him. I tried to argue that Sherlock Holmes wasn't even a detective - he was just a dude who without years of police training had awsome powers of deduction and while Columbo was very astute his years of training would be largely responsible.

I like to think I won that argument. In retrospect I wonder if this debate is the reason the same dealer dealt me 9-3 so many times. Next time a dealer tells me Sherlock Holmes was a freakin bum, I will just agree.

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