Things that make you go Mm and bean counting

4/28/2009 07:22:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

After my awesome cash at the Gold Coast it was off to the Mirage. I'd never been in there before and it was very pleasant. I've not been in too many card rooms before which had a rain forest just down the corridor.

After a small mis-step early in the game when a man from California called my bet for his tournament life without looking at his cards - "Rich, I dont give a shit, take it, I call" - I wish he had have cared, I only bet to isolate this guy as I felt he'd looked like he couldn't give a shit and had mucked his hand so often. I was at it and when he flipped over a 7-8 for a hand of Queen high beating my 4-3. "You weren't supposed to call that," I concluded. - I rallied after this and went a little card dead being dealt a 3 at least 94.3% of the time and eventually busted on the final table bubble.

I thought I'd head over to Planet Hollywood to play some cash and generally be sociable. I bled away a few chips trying to see cheap flops. It was a weird game absolutely no pre-flop raising unless someone had Aces. Easy game to beat so when I was dealt J-8 and saw a flop of 9-10-Q for a straight I just had to use my thinking head to figure out how to extract the most monies from the six pre-flop limpers.

I didn't have to think long because the lady in the seat opposite me had J-K for a better straight and took my $150 stack off me and left me with that heavy arse feeling again. I didn't reload. There seemed to be little point.

I went back to my hotel and on the way to my room put $2 in the vending machine as I fancied some M&M's. As the machine whirred into action I thought about the beats I have taken and whether they were as bad as they seem or whether I'm just wallowing. The machine then stopped, but had failed to deliver my M&M's which lay dangling off the shelf - half on half off. Fuck my fucking life.

"God is taking the piss, I said to myself out loud probably. I didn't invest another $2 as it would have remained stuck and sent me over the edge.

On a more positive note, you may recall a few weeks ago some hockey prognostications I made about the play-offs. So far they have all been proven right, with the exception of the New York Rangers who play game 7 tonight.

If Boston take the Cup back to Beantown my hotel room is paid for. If Chicago can make the conference final I will have covered last nights bad beat and if the Rangers can get past the Capitals tonight I'll have recovered the loss from flopping the nut flush and losing to full house when a guy with pocket sevens hit 5-5 on the turn and river, putting three 5's on the board.

If my very specific calculations here seem like Bean counting, it's because it is. I'm now deep into damage limitation mode rather than a making a profit mentality. Ordinarily I wouldn't care about the money, I didn't make money last year but the experiences seemed so much better. I'm not sure I've had a good time this trip. The place seems noisy rather than loud with the sounds of people having fun. It seems more bad tempered and even though the neon is as bright it does not have the same shine.

I'm not sure I'll come back again. It's been a lot harder physically too. The walks seem longer and I'm having to sleep more. I better make the final days count, I don't want to come away from here with bad feelings. I shall see if Vegas and the Gods want to make up.

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Anonymous on 28 April 2009 at 20:26

how many times do I have to tell thee cuz - it's wings all the way....Scotty B working his thing against the Hawks from the inside now though : )

Stay out of the Mirage - I got married there to wife #1 !

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