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1/08/2010 09:52:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I did something I haven't done since February 10th 2008 this morning. Not get up in the morning, no..I played online poker. I'm playing as we speak as it goes. I just executed an awesome bluff with the 8-3 off-suit. I've never felt so alive!

I struggled initially what with the beeps and the flashing graphics and the speed of the games. It's amazing how the kids can play 125 tables all at once. Unhealthy and depressing, but amazing nonetheless. It took me nearly 25 of your Earth minutes just to log-in as I had no idea what my ID was or my password.

I re-started my online pokering fully aware that I was almost certainly about to subject myself to some serious emotional trauma. I therefore deposited my £100 fully expecting never to see it again and abandoned any claim to it, therefore reducing my emotional investment in the game.

I dipped my big toe into a $5.50 9 runner SnG. After fumbling about with the buttons like a teenager attempting to unclothe his first girlfriend, I eventually found my feet and perhaps might have even won the thing had I not got over ambitious with the 9-7 suited at Heads-up stage. Second place though was an acceptable result.

I'm now playing with the big boys. A $22 9 seater SnG. As we speak we're at 15/30 blinds and one dude has already gone bust. I'd forgotten how quickly the internet kids like to distribute their chips amongst their opponents.

In your eye snail muncher: Re-popping a Frenchman with the Kings earlier

What has motivated me to re-launch my online pokering career? The snow. I may never leave my house again so I thought in the absence of proper poker I may as well give the virtual game a re-stab. I thought also perhaps with the conditions outside, the Pigeons game on Sunday may have to be brought online and I wanted to hit the ground running as it were. If I'm busting out first I want to make sure it's cause I played bad, not because I pressed the wrong button.

I've got 10's, I better go.

At peace with the Universe nothing matters. At peace with the Universe nothing matters.



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