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3/22/2009 01:25:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I'm very seriously considering emailing into Sky and asking them to justify their extortionate subscription prices for Sky Sports. I've bally well had it up to here with them people. In the last 24 hours they have broadcast Women's cricket (all of them lezza's of course, but women nonetheless), WWE wrestling, Rugby and now Hull v Wigan which as far as I'm concerned is a Rugby fixture too.

I can't reconcile my £50 subscription with the dross they are churning out. If they don't have enough proper sport to fill the five or six Sky Sports channels, then don't have five or six channels that's what I always say. Have one channel and show Arsenal all the time and maybe some figure skating. Really people, if I wanted to pay £50 a month just to indulge in thinly veiled sexual deviancy I'd move to Wales.

Women's cricket! Since when can women throw a cricket ball? Everyone knows that if you're in South East Asia and you're looking to pay for some sex, the most effective method of distinguishing between the females and the shemales is not to check for an Adam's apple, but to get it to throw a cricket ball. If it has a good technique and the ball goes a fair distance it's clearly pre-op and you're in for a nasty surprise.

Thailand yesterday: a right arm pace man and left handed wrist spinner

Women's fucking cricket. It's appalling enough Sky show so much Rugby. Rugby as we all know was invented because of Victorian intolerance of homosexuality. Public school boys and the well to do were in need of an avenue to pursue their perverted prurience without the long arm of the law interfering, as it were, so they came up with Rugby. So thinly veiled as to be almost gossamer, it was a homosexual orgy masquerading as sport in full view of their voyeuristic chums and remains so to this day.

To add insult to injury they're now interviewing Phil Brown again. I doubt if Phil Brown has read the Greek Myths, not unless there's a pop-up version with big writing, but for his own good he ought to read the myths of Echo and Narcissus. He's both, rolled into one horrible man covered in a ludicrous fake tan. I hope he dies from staring at his own reflection, just without his voice remaining.

At least ask him some searching questions. Don't just pander to his ego. Ask him why his accusations towards Cesc Fabregas were reduced to "being on the pitch wearing trainers" when then the initial charge was gobbing in the face of Billy Hornsmith. Also, tell him to fuck off back to the North East where he can enjoy a retirement of drinking pink cocktails and groping sixteen year old Eastern Europeans. Utter cunt.

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