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3/18/2009 04:42:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I think it's important that we address some of the criticisms and accusations leveled at Cesc Fabgregas, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal as a club by Phil Brown and Hull's assistant manager Bobby Nornton or something. It's been a while since the meeeja enjoyed an unbridled Arsenal witch hunt so I was perhaps naive to think we'd make it to the end of the season without further accusations of being the very epitomy of evil.

Young Cesc was accused of spitting at Brian Norton, but that accusation has now been downgraded to "spitting at Bobby Hornton's feet." If he had Spanish mucus in his eye then I would be ashamed and embarrassed for Cesc. Spitting at his feet though? If spitting near some one's feet is a punishable offense then every footballer in every league is due a lengthy ban.

I find it intriguing no one has asked Bobby Hornfield why Cesc Fabregas might have felt the need to spit at him or in his general direction. Might he for example, have called Cesc a Spanish cunt? He gets called that quite often you know.

Some one did ask Phil Brown why Arsene Wenger didn't shake his hand, his answer was that "Arsene never does." "Never?" Hopefully this was hyperbole. We've only played Hull three times and they did shake hands at the league game at the Emirates anyway.

Arsene Wenger not shaking hands
with Phil Brown earlier in the season

Phil Brown also accused Cesc Fabregas of being inappropriately dressed! What the fuck has that got to do with anything? And talk about the pot calling the kettle black. What was I saying about Phil Brown only last night? He dresses like a gay hairdresser for fucks sake. Cesc on the other hand was very appropriately dressed. It was cold and he wearing a leather jacket. What should he have been wearing? I'm sure if the roles were reversed Phil Brown would have been sporting heels and a silver sequined boob tube, but Cesc does not have enough up front for that.

Brown also feels Cesc had no right to be on the pitch after the game. Even Hull's fans are a little embarassed about these last two accusations. He's our team captain for fucks sake. If Arsenal are the only team ever ever ever to have an injured player come on the pitch to join in the celebrations of a victory then that's a fair criticism. If they're not, which they aren't, then that's an absurd load of bollocks from a man who knows his mountain is a mole hill and his heaping shit on it to make it look bigger.

Phil Brown is out of his depth in this environment and a the sooner he abandons this management lark and opens a wine bar called Bunnies the better for all of us. He can then wear all the pink shirts he likes and the rest of us can be left in peace to not be whiney twats.

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