Day 3 sordid mess

3/12/2009 04:18:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

A very disappointing day. It all started so well with Crescent Island placing in the first, but through a combination of some dodgy riding and bad luck, the final four races were much like sex for conjoined twins, one cock, one cunt and fucked twice. Or something.

There's a camphor wood chest filled with seven chihuahua sinking to the bottom of the river Windrush as we speak.

However, there is just enough air left in the chest for them to survive until their darts and football selections come to fruition this evening at which point I will retrieve them.

Should they fail however, I'm afraid it's asphyxia for all of them. The remaining wagers of their tiny lives are: Barney/Part double and a UEFA cup treble; Dinamo Kiev, PSG and Werder Bremen.

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