Feeling human again

3/11/2009 11:03:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

My head is starting to clear a bit now and my appetite returning, I'm almost ready for solids. My Chihuahua's have been quietly working away while I convalesced today and despite a poor series of selections for day 2 of the festival, they assure me that tomorrow's efforts will include some big priced winners and secure a profitable week for us.

What I haven't told them is that I was so violently sick this morning that I didn't actually get around to backing any of my selections posted on the blog. I like them to feel guilty though, it makes them work harder.

I did however place an awesome football wager this evening which couldn't really have been more wrong and cost me £50. I just couldn't resist backing Inter Milan at 5/1. I couldn't help myself.

My fervent dislike of Manchester United and what I thought was a very real possibility of Jose Mourinho getting the better of Ferguson once again, made the bet too enticing to pass up. Inter Milan though, are shit and I should not have ignored this.

This result also cancels one quarter of my Yankee bet that requires Arsenal to win the FA Cup, Reading to win the Cola-Pop league, Denman to win the Gold Cup and would have required Inter Milan to win the Champions League. To be fair to myself, I won't be expecting any return on this wager. Still, you've got to laugh.

So anyway, without further ado our awesome selections for Day 3 are as follows:

Race 1. Crescent Island e/w (40/1) also Au Courant e/w (24.0 on Betfair)
Race 2. Ballydub (10/1) and Synchronised (10/1)
Race 3. Tidal Bay (8.2 on Betfair) NAP
Race 4. Fair Along (16.0 on betfair) possibly if I'm feeling cheeky enough, also a reverse forecast with Kasbah Bliss (11/10).

Tidal Bay is your day 3 NAP

Good luck with all your bets.



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