Here and gone

3/14/2009 01:22:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Cheltenham done and dusted. All that remains are some very fragile race goers wondering what happened to the £5,000 they had in their pockets four days ago and already yellowing copies of the Racing Post stuck in hedgerows and fueling open fires.

I made a profit of £7.50 this festival, which is better than a kick in the bread tray. I've spent it already on some grapes, a bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee. Profits are gone, but my hang-over remains.

I haven't the focus to place any football bets today, but I have one outstanding which I think I backed yesterday; Man Utd v Liverpool Draw, Newcastle Win and Aston Villa v Totterington Draw.

I also have a horse running tomorrow, but I haven't backed it yet. I need to have more than 20% of my brain working before I can approach that one and put a rather cryptic clue on the blog as to its identity.

I now need to relax. I need to eat my grapes, watch my open fire place DVD and renew myself.




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