Poles depart

5/02/2008 09:17:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

The thing I hate about Eastern Europeans right, the thing I hate about them right, ..they come over here don't they, they come over here, they don't work, but get a free house with Sky TV and benefits that are more than my bloody wages I have to work ten hours a day for. Ten bloody hours. My Granddad fought Hitler for nothing, he might as well have stayed at home and claimed benefits that's what I always say.

And right, another thing I hate about the bloody Poles and the Czechs right, they come over here don' they, they work ten hours a day for fuck all wages so I can't get a job and so I have to claim benefits don't I cause I can't afford to feed my family on the wages they earn. Why don't they all fuck off home that's what I always say.

And the ones I really hate are the ones who come over here, work and then fuck off home with our money. It's no wonder our economy is on it's bloody knees, all our money is in the whore houses in Prague and the purses of all the old ladies in Warsaw. Why don't they all bloody well stay once they're here, that's what I always say.



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