Hang on, who are you?

5/02/2008 02:25:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Gordon Brown is so fundamentally unlikable. Who invited him to be Prime Minister? Even the Labour party didn't vote him in. Can we not all just tell him to fuck off? All of my equations so far have shown that no one is winning by having him as Prime Minister, except him.

I get that we elect parties instead of individual President type dudes. I get that we elect parties on the strength of their manifestos. But when Gordon Brown took over, he made promises that it would be all change policy wise. Huh?

If you want to change stuff you have to ask us first, no? We have General Elections for that don't we? We used to anyway. And surely even if we're not to be consulted, it should still be down to the party to elect the leader, no? For all intents and purposes Gordon Brown has become PM by bagsying the position. It's like having someone show up at your party without an invite and insisting the music be changed to the Glasgow Hammond Organ society's church hymns CD.

He's completely redundant. There's really no need for him to exist. There's a veritable cornucopia of reasons to dislike the guy. For me, initially it's because he's a Jock. I hate the fact that such a high percentage of our Government's cabinet comprises of Jocks. Miserable bastard Jocks at that.

English MP's cannot vote on Scottish Parliamentary issues, yet the Jock MP's can vote on English issues and this must surely be a huge wrong-un. We haven't had an English PM since 1997. How can this be so? How people, how?

Gordon Brown and his silly new teeth does not believe in a democratic political process, he believes every penny of wealth in the country should belong to the Government and he and only he should have the responsibility to distribute it to the people and he so gargantuanly arrogant about it.

Also, he doesn't have a single economics qualification. Chancellor for 10 years - spends money like one of Paul McCartney's wives - doesn't save anything, then blames the rest of the world now that we're economically fucked. How does that work?

Still he bangs on about how awesome he was as chancellor and in the same speech talks about how we're all fucked now, but it's not his fault. Has someone turned over two pages at once? How is that possible? How can you be chancellor of the exchequer for 10 years and not be responsible for the state of the economy?

No one likes him, no one is gaining anything from his Premiership, no one elected him and he's the only one who's benefiting from his tenure as PM. The difference between Gordon Brown and any random totalitarian regime is really rather unnervingly difficult to distinguish.

At least most dictators are colourful characters. Most of them wear funny hats or dress up like Elvis or have enormous pornography libraries. Gordon Brown collects coins and supports Raith Rovers.

There's nothing we can do about him either. Not until 2010. There must surely be some sort of lynching clause somewhere in British law to deal with Prime Ministers who won't fuck off on their own accord? Seriously, why can't we just tell him to sod off? Please, somebody call somebody.


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