Retarded by the retarded

3/05/2008 09:38:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

So thanks to America's hicks and retards and a nonsense of a system the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidential election has still yet to be decided. Two super Toosdays and there was really nothing super about either of them.

Despite Hillary winning three of the four states, delegates-wise it still looks almost impossible for her to win the nomination for Democrat Party presidential candidate, but the longer they drag this out the better the chances of John McCain - who won the Republican nomination last night - has of becoming the next President of Merca and we don't want that people.

He's a crazy man. A few years in a Nam POW camp is going to leave a lasting impression of your perception of Asia as a continent. You don't want someone bearing those types of grudges with the future of the planet at his finger tips.

What's basically occurring in this race is a microcosm of the hurdles poor big chinned John Kerry (Diiiiismissed) faced in the Presidential election last time around. The hicks and retards who listen to banjo music and eat mayonnaise sandwiches and whose family trees are just one long vertical line are all voting for one candidate (Clinton in this case), while the educated types residing in the cities are voting for Obama.

See for example the figures from Glasscock, Texas:

Glasscock (a real place honest) is typical of a cazillion rural towns in Texas and Ohio where Clinton received an almost 2-1 vote ratio over Obama. The city folk however in Dallas, Austin and Houston in Texas and Cincinnati and Cleveland in Ohio and the urban sprawls surrounding them are churning out the same ratio of votes in favour of Obama:

This is the kind of voting pattern that cost John Kerry the election last time round because the hicks have nothing better to do with their time on election day than spend hours in line waiting to vote, while the educated city folk types all have work to go to or generally have better and more interesting things to do.

So it's on to weird places like Wyoming and Missouri next - states full of crazies and the kind of serial killers that have dungeons in their basements and then Pennsylvania in late April which should settle it as Philadelphia, despite reeking of aids since that Tom Hanks movie - should send all their platonic brotherly love in Obama's direction.

We will then have to cross our fingers that all those busy city folks will recognise the dangers of having an octogenarian Rambo in the White House and put their pens and pencils down and their turkey bacon eggs and onions and go off and vote on proper election day. That's what I always say.


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