Initial World Cup wagering

6/08/2010 10:41:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Now that my bollocks have recovered from being well and truly done at this years General Election, it's time now I feel to re-do them with some World Cup wagering and why not?

With just three days to go, I have invested in the following:

Outright win; Mexico (150.0), Netherlands (13.0), Brazil (6.2)

Group wagering - straight forecasts; Group B - Argies/S. Korea (5.9), Group C - US of States/England (8.4), Group D - Germany/Ghana (5.2), Group E - Netherlands/Japan (8.4), Group G - Brazil/Ivory Coast (3.3).

Miscellaneous crap;
US of States to beat England Saturday June 12th (7.6), Lay - Ronaldo to score 1+ goal (1.49).

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