Mexico 2 -1 Italy

6/04/2010 12:08:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Mexico utterly slaughtered the current World Champions today. In terms of actual goals scored it would appear to have been a close game, but of course as the most recent games against England and the Netherlands clearly illustrated, goals are a poor means of measuring the disparity of awesomeness and power between the combatants.

In actual fact only an act of rare pity from the Gods saved Italy from a savage loss of goals which would have handed them a humiliation lasting all of eternity. Posterity will show only a loss by one goal and the details lost to history. The reality was a bloody running through of the Azzurri by the warriors of El Tri.

I am receiving hourly reports of several players of the Italian team being disowned by their families for the dishonour of being so thoroughly vanquished. Silvio Berlusconi himself will address the nation later this evening just as soon as he has finished dictating some crucial correspondence to his seven secretaries.

It remains to be seen whether Italy will now even travel to South Africa to defend their crown which has been so undermined by this bloody and craven disgrace.

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