Cry for me Argentina

6/23/2010 04:18:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

After the slaughter of Uruguay it is somewhat unjust that Mexico now will have to play Argentina having finished second in the group simply because of a technicality. Yes in terms of actual goals scored Uruguay came out on top, but the game was a massacre.

Mexico raped the very soul of Uruguay. The children of Uruguay were drowning in the tears of the motherland yet because of actual goals scored they were foolishly declared the winners by FIFA. This is a treasonous effort by the villains at FIFA to deny Mexico her destiny, but she will not be denied.

The blessing in disguise here is that los guerreros will now be given the opportunity to avenge the conspiracy of the 2006 World Cup that contrived to see Mexico lose in the round of 16 to Argentina.

We will reduce Maradona to tears and the world will see him destroyed and his team of bandits and cowardly parvenus sent home in disgrace.

Viva Mexico!!

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