6/03/2010 03:40:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Is it me or the world currently an even more shitter place than usual? Personal losses aside, in this country we've got slayings in sleeping seaside towns and another string of prostitute murders.

Over in the middle east, Israel have shot a bunch of Turks delivering medical aid and box sets of CSI: Miami DVD's to the Palestinians. In Merca an oil slick is threatening to absolutely decimate the 2010 swamp snorkling championships in Louisiana.

In Central America torrential rains have opened up the Earth to the extent that the people of Guatemala can actually see hell and in Mexico Nestor De La Torre has dropped Jonathon Dos Santos from the World Cup squad leaving his brother Gio, who is part of the squad, in tears.

What the hell is going on? I don't think it stops here. There's a latent contagion with these things. I fancy it's got something to do with the laws of attraction. What we think about the most happens. So if the whole planet is thinking gloomy thoughts then the place goes to hell in a hand basket.

The World Cup is coming up. I confidently predict an horrendous tragedy here I'm afraid. Some sort of stampede or crush that seems to happen a lot in Africa. Maybe if South Africa score a goal or something. Let's hope it's against France.

I fear to look, yet I cannot turn away.



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