Losing faith in Israel

6/02/2010 02:57:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Regardless of the legitimacy of Israel's raison d'état over their Palestinian issues, one has to conclude that this most recent attack on the flotilla carrying aid to Gaza along with several boxes of M&M's and heavy machine gun ammunition was a total balls up. I'd expect this level of incompetence from the Americans but not Israel.

America for example continues to send Marines (water soldiers) to fight in the desert. We of course have logically chosen to use the Desert Rats in the past, particularly in Iraq. We expect America to find a way to lose wars. I'm fairly sure they only succeeded in defeating us in the War of Independence because we were using free lance soldiers from the continent instead of proper soldiers who were being used to safeguard our interests in India. Once this collection of foreign layabouts landed on US soil they found they quite liked it and decided to fight against their employers instead.

The theme here is a complete lack of forethought. Israel has imposed this blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007 but astonishingly does seem to have had in place a contingency plan for when their Commando's boarding these ships inevitably come under attack - whether it be with guns or office chairs and cups of hot Turkish coffee.

Everyone knows you don't fast rope down onto a tanker if there's a braying mob of angry Muslims waiting for you on the deck. It's basic special forces 101. You don't have to have read Bravo Two Zero to understand this.

Where were the stun grenades? Where were the tear gas canisters. They were to be greeted by Muslims, why not dump a load of pigs on them to disperse the crowd? It's embarrassing. We may be doomed as a nation, we may have generations of adults now without the ability to read or write and our Government might be a collection of nudist, tree bark essence drinking sexual revolutionists, but I pray at least the SAS could still raid a P&O ferry without being slaughtered by thirty or forty school children on a trip to Calais.

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