Football through the looking glass

2/01/2009 06:37:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Did I watch a different game to everyone else just then? I thought Liverpool were bloody awful and Chelsea too. I also thought Frank Lampard deserved to get sent off. Mostly because he's a dirty bastard and a cry baby. They must pay whiny little Jamie Redknapp thousands to sit there in shiny tight suits to give his expert opinion, yet 84% of the time he doesn't know what he's on about. He doesn't even appear to know the rules of the game.'s sob..not..sob sob...fair sob

It makes not one jot of difference for example, whether Lampard got the ball or not. You're not allowed to tackle like that. The Premiership head cheeses have determined that the health of the players is paramount and takes precedence over winning the ball. The compelling factor is, could the challenge potentially have snapped the opponents leg like a twig?

If you weigh as much as Frank Lampard does, especially with the Christmas period just passed, and all those undigested mince pies in his bowels, and you steam into the challenge with your foot 8 inches off the ground and studs showing, what difference does it make if you get the ball first? Your momentum isn't slowed down by contact with a bag of air, and therefore if you connect with your opponent you can consider yourself lucky if you don't injury him Eduardo stylee. I'd have sent Alonso off for the same thing and actually I'd have sent Gerrard off too in fact. I can't recall anything specific he did, but almost certainly he did something.

Alonso could have been sent off for the same offense as Lampard though. But referee's have such tiny minds they can't comprehend such a circumstance where two players can be guilty of the same offense at the same time. Silly referees and pundits. Also, also, why why why, why right, why are they not even mentioning the kicking in the back of some Liverpool dude by Jose Bosingwa in the corner of the pitch at the end of the game?

He's kicked him in the back! Even twenty years ago that's a red card. You can't surely kick a player in the back. The linesman was a foot away from it and appeared to not see it? Just because it happened at the end of the game it doesn't matter? Crazy stuff. The worlds gone mad, mad I tells ya.

I said before I thought a draw was best for Utd, but in hindsight one has to assume that this result favours them more than a draw. I still think Chelsea are the better side. They're completely wrong in the head of course at the moment, which I think explains their indifferent form, but if they could have quickly completed a few sessions of counselling before today's game their season would have been very much more promising than Liverpool's. I think Liverpool are rubbish. It baffles me how they're second. They seems blessed to me. But anyhoo...I reckons Man Utd would much prefer having Liverpool on their coat tails than Chelsea.

It is still not snowing.



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