The double double

2/10/2009 10:04:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

It's a funny old game poker. Funny peculier, very rarely funny ha ha. I felt I didn't really get the rub of the green as it were in Walsall, I had two million outs in total with the various drawing hands I played and missed every single one of them. Two million outs I tells ya. I also didn't help myself of course by playing with all the composure and prudence of Ronnie O'Sullivan when he's one of his moods.

I learn no lessons from my experiences in the black country, play exactly the same way at the Pigeons, which I think we're all agreed is a far harder to game to crack than a poxy 200 runner Championship event, and win! And last night at the Fox I win as well and I became the first man in all of pokering history to complete the Pigeons/Fox double twice, the "double-double" if you will, which in order to see me over the finish line, I had to hit flush cards on many many occasions! Many occasions indeed.

To be fair, I was helped in some way last night by the fact that, at three handed, my opponents were; "Lucky" Jim who wasn't about to volunteer any chips into the pot unless he was dealt huge hands - incredibly ironic really since he has the biggest hands of any man I know, and I think he looks like Pol-Pot; and also Farmer Pickles who gets bored pretty early in these things and likes to bet blind.

I fold

Dan Harrington talks about hidden luck or sommat in one of his books I haven't paid any attention to. Last night was laced with delicious strands of the stuff that helped me to victory.

Pickles for example, just a few minutes into the freeze-out period had decided he was either bored or wanted to get home before it snowed too much and was betting blind - Simon Stocken, who is one of the best players in the place - had him all-in, but Pickles managed to wake up with the nut flush draw which he completed on the river.

Had he lost that pot Pickles would have been asleep at home by the time the game reached heads-up stage and given the chips Stocks would have held, I'd have had as much chance of victory as playing a pot with Joy and Tim.

Still, you've got to laugh haven't you? I'm best and that's all that really matters when all is said and done. I shall now have some celebratory soup I couldn't enjoy last night because I only got home an hour or so ago, my car being so shit I couldn't spin it out of the car park, but there are worse places to become stranded than a pub in the Cotswalds, that's what I always say.



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