Me like to put it in ya and ting

6/16/2008 06:06:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I'm on my way home this arvo and I'm listening to a Fox FM DJ babbling on about Big Brother and something about carpets. Finally he's about to shut up and play a song. By way of an introduction he says the romantic in him would love to learn how to play this song on the guitar - presumably so he can play it to his air-headed girlfriend Mandy.

The song in question is 'More than words' by Extreme. I like the song too. But it's not a love song, which is why I like it. I'm quite sure it's about a dude who thinks it's all lovely and sweet being told who how much his woman loves him, but ultimately talk is cheap and he's choking for a fuck.

The song should actually be called, 'Anyone can tell me they love me, but only the one who truly loves me will let me enter them doggy-style.' I'm sure I'm right, have a listen. I'm right aren't I?


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