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11/20/2009 11:24:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

So this weekend all three bosses of poker's most ruthless Cosa Nostra - the Witney inc. Carterton Mob - will be in Luton for the European Amateur Poker Championship - or "Eeeeepk" for short.

The Mob has not always done itself justice in these events mostly because we tend to get too pissed - Paulie "two thumbs" Townsend's third place finish in Dublin a couple of years ago remains our best result - but I fancy us to restore the honour of our Coscas this weekend.

Paulie "Two thumbs" Townsend

I've been reading about what the pseudo-psychology boffins call "poverty consciousness" today. They say that people from humble origins - i.e. proles - who happen across huge sums of money through lottery wins or inheritances, are flat broke again a year or two later because they just can't accept the idea of themselves being wealthy, so they contrive to lose it all.

The same principles apply to poker tournaments and I've undergone extensive treatment in several sessions with my therapist today - a chimpanzee from Congo called Doc - to iron out any doubts or insecurities one may be harbouring in ones subconscious about ones right as it were to win these events and respect for ones own abilities.

Unfortunately the final session was cut short after Doc went mental trying to swat a blue bottle. He hates flies. He followed it outside and could be anywhere by now. My chances of winning this weekend rest on his returning to complete my therapy before I leave for Luton tomorrow at about midday.

Doc irritated by a fly earlier today: gertchaaaa

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