World Cup draw - blah blah blah Brazil win

11/30/2009 03:15:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

World Cup draw today, who cares? Brazil are going to win, they're due. A European team has never won the World Cup when it's been held outside of Europe so we can discard them. Argentina have a nutter in charge, which only leaves Brazil.

Since 1962 South America and Europe have taken turns winning the competition - Italy won it last time as it was held in Europe - it's South America's turn in 2010 and since it's being held in a country and continent that's never hosted the tournament before it can only be Brazil who can win it.

One has to have a degree of arrogance and contempt for ones opposition to win things like this no? And familiarity breeds contempt. When a team is not in familiar surroundings they cannot perform to their best ability. This must surely go some way to explaining why European teams never win this thing when it isn't held in Europe and vice-versa for the South Mercan lot.

Brazil are just an enigma. They're the only nation team who have consistently over-achieved in World Cups, who knows why? All that matters people, is that they do. I suspect it has something to do with their kit and the tits of their fans.

The fact remains, whenever it's held in a weird place Brazil always win. Sweden - Brazil win, United States - Brazil win, Japan and South Korea - Brazil win, South Africa - Brazil win. Simples.

The 4.7 on Betfair for Brazil doesn't seem so bad when you look at it in those terms. Of the top ten teams in the betting seven of them are Europeans all of whom can be chucked out. This leaves us with Brazil, the Argie bargies and the Ivory Coast.

I'm having a big bet on Brazil and possibly a few quid at 125/1 on South Africa just because they're the home side and they may do a South Korea and engineer their way through to the semi's at least.

Alas Mexico have no chance so I'll be brought down with Lasser fever before World Cup fever.

** Just watched the draw, could have been better for Mexico. Still should qualify mind.

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