11/16/2009 02:04:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

For many years I've had a song in my head that appears fleetingly and then disappears. It's not the whole song, in fact people, it's no more than a few chords of bass guitar. I've never been able to quite remember any of the lyrics, just this bit of bass guitar - du du du du duuuuu - so have never been able to use the Googles to identify the song and release it for ever from my mind as one might release an aggressive wasp from ones home.

Alls I knew was it was a bad song sung by a poor man's Beastie Boys. And when I say poor I mean POOR. Poor like being reduced to suck on a homeless man's piss soaked trousers to remain hydrated and nourished.

Today though, I somehow induced some of the lyrics from the deepest parts of my memory - the places I usually reserve for my most traumatic experiences - fortunately without uncoupling anything sinister in the process - the most explicit details of the Glitter Gulch and the psychological abuse I suffered at the hands of my fourth year Primary School teacher Mrs Justin remain a hazy blur. Phew.

So anyway, I have Googled and the song is by Dog eat dog and is called "No Fronts." Sing along if you know the words. Why not wave your arms about too like the chaps in the video, as if you're troubled by that wasp still.



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