Lego update and some other stuff

8/16/2009 02:09:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I haven't had any caffeine for the last three days. No coke, tea, coffee nor noffin. Instead, I have been drinking orange juice, water and pomegranate juice. I also had some horlicks last night which was awful - I made it wrong I think. It had the texture and consistency of a camel sperm and was how I imagine it might taste too.

The point of all this? I wanted to see if not having high concentrations of caffeine pelting through my system all the time would help me sleep better and maybe not give me quite so many freaky dreams when I do finally nod off.

It hasn't worked. I shall just have to try mixing Vodka and night nurse again. I'm going to have some tea now.

Football wise I should like to declare Arsenal as top of the league. I see no reason why this should change from here on out. I was going to bet on Totterington today, but I can't bring myself to profit from their success. Also, there was another absurd minutes applause for Bobby Robson before the game (even though he died about three weeks ago) and Liverpool do so get geed up when they've had occasion to indulge in their passion for mawkish tragedy.

I have now failed twice to land a Galaxy Explorer through Ebay auctions. The first effort ended in utter failure when my highest bid of £58 fell £50 short!! My second failure, just a few minutes ago, was a consequence of a poor broadband connection which cut out as I attempted to steal away the goods with a last second bid. I grow frustrated.



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