Arsenal - Rangers

8/02/2009 04:09:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Given how absurdly competitive Celtic and Rangers are when it comes to pre-season friendlies against English teams as a consequence of their inferiority complex, I feel there may be monies to made in this afternoon's Emirates Cup decider between the Arsenal and Rangers.

Rangers I suspect will come out huffing and puffing jeered on by their away support and given how lethargic Arsenal are early on in these games, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Rangers could score and may even make it to the half-time intermission with a lead.

Obviously they'll run out of steam in the second half and Arsenal's class and ruthlessness will ultimately see them through to victory, much the same was as George II defeated the Jacobites at the Battle of Culloden - fittingly with his Army dressed in red and white.

I shall therefore be wagering a few English Sovereigns at 30.0 for a Rangers/Arsenal - Half-time/Full-time result.

The end.

* Erm..I appear to have greatly over-estimated Rangers.

2min GOAL - Arsenal - Jack Wilshere
10min GOAL - Arsenal - Eduardo

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