Emirates Cup

8/01/2009 12:42:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I'm almost ready for the football season. Not quite, I'm glad we still have a couple of weeks before the circus begins again, but a pre-season tournament is just the ticket. Some good football without the stress. A pleasant intermission from war films and may even aid my treatment.

I usually won't bet on Arsenal for silly superstitious reasons, but this rule doesn't extend to pre-season games and I fancy them to win quite well today against an Atletico Madrid team who must be a good two weeks behind Arsenal fitness wise. La Liga doesn't start until 30th August and they do get to enjoy more of a summer than Premier League footballers anyway so given that we're the home team too we really ought to win this one.

Having said that, I may just have a few shillings on Jose Antonio Reyes to score the first goal. There's a frustrating history of ex-Arsenal players coming back to Highbury/Emirates and scoring - I think even Kevin Campbell scored against us when he returned with Forest or maybe it was Everton.

I was one of the few Arsenal fans who appreciated Jose's efforts at Arsenal. He struggled off the pitch, subjected to some predjudicial abuse only football fans/players can get away with in public, was kicked from pillar to post on it and I think it rained every day he was a Gooner, so not surprising he wanted to leave really. I think he did about as well as a Spanish Gitano Gypsy could have been expected to do, all things considered.

Arsenal win 1.81
10/1 Reyes 1st goal scorer - Reyes score anytime 5.6

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