You get what you pay for. Unless you're talking about the England manager.

3/28/2007 04:38:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

The car on the left is a Mclaren F1. It's the fastest car in the galaxy with something in the region of a 240mph top speed. Faster than flies off shit off a shovel. It costs £600,000 and comes with a guarantee that it will open any womans legs in 3.2 seconds, coincidently the same time it takes to reach 60mph.

The bloke on the right is Steve Mclaren. A prat from York. With not intelligence enough to pick his nose let alone pick a football team capable of winning a major tournament. Astoundingly he is costing the FA and indirectly, the mug punting football fan four times the price of the car.

Now I'm not really a car enthusiast and could never justify spending £600,000 on one, even if it gave me instant access to some of the softest, pinkest, most expensively scented fanny in the world, but £2,400,000 A YEAR! for the services of a man who really should be working in a carpet warehouse is taking the piss.

That much money is too much for any football manager, especially an international manager where their predominant role is to eat rolls and put cones out at training and talk to the media about how high confidence is and how the team spirit has never been better. If you must pay someone that much for a part-time job, at least get someone in who knows what they're doing yes? And someone who has won a thing or two yes? No!

Steve McLaren actually knows nothing about football. He has a stubborn refusal to accept he is bald, even though you'd think it a blessing in disguise considering he is ginger too. He is no more inspiring than constipation and if I gave a shit about England he'd have me wishing Graham Taylor was still in charge.

This is what happens when xenophobia gets in the way of common sense and logic. All those England fans and journalists who are slating Steve McLaren now; tough shit. You wanted an Englishman, whether he was shit or not and that's what you've got.

As Ian Wright ludicrously declared, "I'd rather win nothing and have an Englishman in charge, than win the World cup with a foreigner", *booming Genie voice* Your wish is my command.


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