OK, I've calmed down

3/26/2007 10:46:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I think, now I've had time to collect my thoughts, we ought to discuss Easter. It's coming up in a couple of weeks and I think this year we ought to be straight about what it is we're actually celebrating/having days off work for.

Obviously I don't work, so I'm off everyday, but public holidays are an inconvenience to me. There's too many people about, and I think I've made it quite clear how they can ruin ones day. Also, there's nothing on TV except the epic religious nonsense starring Kirk Douglas in leather and Worlds Strongest Man contests.

So anyhoo. Are we saying this is a Christian celebration or a Pagan celebration? Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the spring equinox. It can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25. OK, fair enough, so that points to a Pagan celebration.

But, didn't St George do away with the Pagans? Is he or is he not our Patron Saint? He was last time I looked. And isn't the whole George slaying the dragon thing not just an allegorical methaphor representing the triumph of Christian nonsense over Pagan nonsense?

Well is it or isn't it? If we're gonna have a patron saint who represents the doing away of Pagan cashizzle, well then let's have Easter on the same damn day every year. The day Jesus was supposedly resurrected.

But, BUT, ...if we're gonna call it a Christian celebration and actually accept in the 21st fucking century that a man can be tortured, nailed to a wooden cross and skewered with a sword, die and then be resurrected, I mean if we're gonna actually believe that is happened, then let's stop selling massive bloody chocolate eggs that are meant for kids, that end up being eaten by greedy housewives and let's stop the sale of gormless looking fluffy rabbits.

Also, employers; I know you like to moan when people phone in sick and are very suspicious of anyone who claims to have come down with a cold, but if you're not gonna kick up a stink about losing two whole days of trade because of this religious tripe, then I don't think you can justifiably complain about people getting colds.

If you can accept that a man died, was buried in a cave and then came back to life, and then happily give people two days off to celebrate it 2000 years later, then I hardly feel you have very solid ground to stand on when you become suspicious at someones crocky voice when they phone in sick.

Also, I'd like to at least have some James Bond films back on the TV over this period. If I'm to tolerate having the entire population of my town wandering the streets for four days then I need something to keep me occupied in my own home while I wait out the storm. A weekend I can cope with, but four days, NO! Whoever first dreamed up the idea of public holidays didn't stop to think just how long four days can be. Especially if you have to share it with people. The boredom is so crushingly soul destroying, it's actually more isolating than being by oneself I always say.

But, you deserve it. All those people who have to spend this time with their extended family eating dry turkey and watching the Ten Commandments, it's your own fault for never objecting to this ridiculous "holiday", until people; the sane atheist normal intelligent people in our society actually rise up and make concrete steps to dismiss religion from public life, then the Ten Commandments and the Worlds Strongest Man is all you deserve.

I've said my piece. I'll leave it up to you.


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