A Soul Destroying Arena

3/13/2007 01:19:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I don't care how good your prices are, there's no need for a shop to be so big that you can't see the last few aisles because of the curvature of the Earth. From a disabled persons point of view it is madness. It doesn't matter where you put the car parking spaces, they're always going to be at least half a mile from something in the shop.

The real danger with a shop that literally sells everything, is that it will bring everyone together. If the United States has taught us anything, it's what levels of carnage and disaster can be borne from bringing everyone together in one place, but the United States at least, has buffer zones to keep wildly diverse people apart.

Hundreds and hundreds of miles of farm states keep the folks of Texas apart from harming the educated inhabitants of the New England states for example. In ASDA there are no such buffers.

Some of the people I encountered today I should never have to be subjected to in person. I saw someone buying approximately 200 pot noodles for christs sake. All I wanted was a shoe rack and I've come away psychologically damaged.

What ever happened to the little man, that's what I always say. Money isn't everything. I'd be quite happy to pay 12p more for a can of pop if it meant my sanity and love of humanity remained in tact after a quick shop.

I didn't get a shoe rack incidentally, I decided instead to sell my shoes.


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