I don't want to ruin anyones fun but....

2/10/2007 01:02:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

On the left we have a man. On the right we have typical snowmen.

Can you spot the difference? I can. It's that the snowman looks nothing like a fucking man. When did you last see a bloke walking down the street who looked like three spheres progressively smaller in size stacked on top of each other? When? NEVER!!

Your snow creations are of an insect form people, INSECT!! Have you any idea of the consequences of building cazillions of seven foot high snow insects?? HAVE YOU GOD DAMN YOU?? How big is an insect? Half a centimetre at most? Can you image how big a seven foot high snow insect would look to a fly?

How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find your town littered with enormous white human figures the size of the statue of liberty? What would you think? You'd think aliens or Gods is what you'd think. Either way the very fabric of our society would disintegrate in a matter of days as cult after cult induced suicide reduced the population to the bare bones and end of the world type anarchy reigned. Ironically, just long enough for the snow gods to last before melting.

Insects are vital people, we need them. I'm not really sure why cause I'm only on chapter one of the my Charles Darwin book, but I'm pretty sure we need them. The way I see it, they'd be all dead by now if they didn't serve some sort of vital role some how, to some one. What if they form cults and millions of them commit suicide? Worse, what if they don't serve a vital purpose and they become emboldened by the Gods and rise up against us? We'd be flapping about with our fly swatters only to have millions of them appear and remove from our hands those chaos grids and beat US with them instead. Who knows where it might end.

Please people, please, if you're going to build things in the snow, build in human form only. It's just too dangerous otherwise. We can't afford to take a chance. Think of the future, think of the kids.


Comment by Queen Christina I on 10 February 2007 at 02:09

Eek! I'm glad the only snowmen I've ever been able to make couldn't be more than a foot high.

(that ant is pointing at himself, how cute. ha!)

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