Wednesday evo wagering

12/30/2009 10:50:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Is Kevin Painter pound-for-pound the angriest man in Britain? I suspect so. So angry in fact that his face has morphed physically to express anger at all times regardless of his mood.

I suspect he gets his aggravated countenance from his father who looks to me to be of very questionable stock. It wouldn't surprise me if he was a pig farmer for example - see the movie Snatch for relevance.

Anyway, I've backed overs 125.5 on how many times Painter will lick his fingers before his throws. This is buying money as he takes at least four licks when he's on a double or needs to psyche himself up, which is almost always.

Oh yeah, I accidentally layed the boy Hamilton just now when I was intending to back him. I thought I'd have a cheeky £5 on him at whatever it was 4.5 and £17 disappeared from my balance. Oops. Still you've got to laugh, the close games are going my way at the moment, it's just a shame I didn't try and wager cabillions on the dumpy fat man from the potteries.

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Comment by Mr R Nasty on 31 December 2009 at 00:03

shirley the angriest man is merv "the imposter" king

Comment by Rich on 31 December 2009 at 03:15

It's a good point, but I've never been convinced he and his father were human. I'm fairly sure they're living proof of the Incubus.

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