A mini lucky streak

12/29/2009 10:02:00 pm / The truth was spoken by Rich /

Torres: did me a favour, but still go back to Spain please

I happened to have a few shillings on the Bears to beat Minnesota last night. Very close victory it was too in OT after Chicago looked to be running away with it. As we speak though, the close games are going my way.

Now then, it's very rare that Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool all win in the same round of fixtures. However, we're at that time of the year where Martin O'Neil's seasonal lunacy kicks in and his team disintegrates (O'Neil was seen last night flapping about on his office floor apparently gasping for air), so I felt this week just might be the time to place a shrewd £7.50 wager on the 'old top 4' acca, which pays just enough for me to buy as many crumpets as I'll need for the harsh winter months ahead.

O'Neil: am I a fish?

Chelsea did their very best to deny me my circular breaded prize as did Liverpool tonight, but with Arsenal playing Portsmouth and Man Utd playing Wigan tomorrow, only a horrendous disaster can deny me my savoury toasted snacks.

I shouldn't bet on Arsenal of course as it's only my boys that can mess this up for me now. Hopefully Avram Grant will be having his salad tossed by a Thai illegal as we speak and forget about his team selection.

I'm breaking with a betting superstition here, but all one can do is back ones own judgment no? Whatever will be will be. Much like Avram Grant, you pays your money and you takes your choice.


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