Bl**r concentrates on health, just not Saddams.

1/05/2007 08:30:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I was able to watch Tony Bl**r today on the news for longer than 30 seconds without vomiting or hurling my most appalling language at the TV. The poor lamb, visiting an NHS hospital refused to answer any question regarding the execution of Saddam Hussein as he only wanted to concentrate on health.

Bl**r continues to scratch around for some sort of legacy to justify the ten years he's spent at number 10. Obviously Iraq is out, as is Northern Ireland, world poverty, schools and the enviornment. So this week it's health.

I admire his relentless pursuit of some sort of laudable cause to justify ten years of power, but he must surely realise that when you're personally responsible for a humanitarian disaster that wouldn't look out of place in the Old Testament, you could cure cancer and people will still want you to burn for all of eternity.

As someone who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and relies on the NHS to keep my pecker continually pointing upwards, I can promise Mr Blair, that wherever his illusive legacy may lie, it's not to be found in the NHS. Heart disease related deaths may be down by 15% since last year and cancer patients may now only be waiting seven months for life saving treatments, but not everyone suffers from those conditions and consequently anyone who either requires treatment from the NHS or works for the NHS is faced with a day to day battle to prevent their moral centre from turning into the kind of goo they serve for dinner on a typical ward.

Wherever the billions of pounds of "investment" went, it didn't go the patients and it certainly didn't go towards paying the staff and recruiting staff. My advice for what it's worth is just fuck off. Just fucking fuck off to your 5 milllion pound house and spend your days rubbing peanut butter on your body and shoving your cock down that horrible clowns mouth your wife insists on opening without anyone ever asking her to.

Fuck off you genocidal crazy toothed evil eyed war mongering bollock jockey.

Bl**r simulates oral sex on a peak flow meter to amuse the exhausted underpaid NHS staff, but it's all too little too late


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