Give us our f**king soldiers back for christs sake

4/03/2007 01:58:00 am / The truth was spoken by Rich /

I know the 14 sailors and marines who are being held captive by the Iranians are probably cursing their decision to let the one single woman on board do the navigating, but there's really no justification for Iran half inching them in the some sort of half-arsed political game.

As soon as young Faye Turney wound down the window of their boat and asked the heavily armed Iranian gun boat where Iraqi waters were, they were all in trouble. But again, can we not just simply say give us our fucking soldiers back right now or we'll blow your pointless country back to the stone age, which, granted is only a few a minutes historically, but you get my point.

Is this what made Britain great? Is this how we built our Empire? By ratcheting up the diplomacy? FUCKING DIPLOMACY??? RATCHET UP THE BOMBING!! Are we not still world war champions? Since when do people fuck around with our armed forces??? This makes me dry wretch. Nothing angers me more than pussy footing around when there's a legitimate excuse to bomb Arabs going begging, except maybe people who dawdle along in the middle lane of the motorway without ever looking in their mirrors.

I know we don't want Bush to have anymore excuse than is necessary to nuke Tehran, but last time I checked the Geneva convention and all that sort of shit, you're not allowed to go nicking peoples soldiers who were doing nothing more than patrolling the shores of someone else's country as part of an illegal occupation of a sovereign nation. Oh I see, yes...ah..perhaps we're not in a position to judge other nations on illegal acts of military posturing.

Still, that makes it 1-1 in my book so let's take a 2-1 lead with a Robocop style approach to securing their release. If I was Prime Minister I'd tell them to release them all, that they have 24 hours to comply and when they have released them, I'd bomb them anyway and just say it was a technical malfunction. I bet Admiral Nelson is turning in his grave.

Why did we let Faye navigate? - Captive marines curse their decision to give the woman the map


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